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The Young Talents Program

With the Center for Talented Minds (CTM), our extended arm in Prague, we give gymnasia students the unique opportunity to study with the best in the world, oportunity unprecedented anywhere in Central Europe.
Our students love the challenge. It boosts their motivation, confidence and performance. It makes them comfortable using English as the school language. With our scholarships, about 1,200 students from 60 schools have already benefited. It's a great way to prepare for university studies at home or abroad.
Building on our long-term association with the Center for Talented Youth (CTY), we have added three other prestigious online learning institutions to provide affordable and flexible ways to learn:
Guided in English by experienced instructors, students choose from over 100 online courses in natural sciences, mathematics, informatics, humanities, English composition and world languages. They advance gradually toward the most demanding Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which cover topics typical for college freshmen. Studying becomes a hobby for most. They invest 6 - 10 hours a week in addition to their standard school duties.
Some schools have integrated our online courses into their school curricula as electives and use them also for individual study plans. Our online courses are well suited for talented home-schooled children. A few schools use CTM School Program, a combined at home and in class instruction.
Our students are well prepared for AP exams given by the American College Board. They earn on average a 4.06 on a 5-point scale compared to the global AP average of 2.89. Many received scholarships to the universities of their dreams, including Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Johns Hopkins, NYU and many others. There is no better way to independently verify the quality of our program..
With CTM, we offer a number of other complementary activities.
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